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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Install Hardwood Floor

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Install Hardwood Floor

You are here because you are probably planning to rip off your old floor and replace it with a new one. What choice are you going to make this time around? Which type of floor do you envision in your home? There is no “wrong” time to install hardwood floor, but there is one thing about summer that makes it a great time for hardwood flooring.

It’s best to install Hardwood Floor When You Are on Vacation

Your summer vacation time could serve double purposes if you can manage it well. Hardwood installation could be a bit time consuming and disrupt your daily activities. Even if you successfully avoid the areas of the home that are being worked on, the noise that comes from tearing out the old flooring and installing a new one could extremely be annoying to your customer.

Since many people love to go on vacation during summer, it is therefore a perfect time to book an appointment and tear out your old floor while you replace it with a new and shiny hardwood floor.

The team at Beyond Custom Flooring can help you rip out your old flooring. We employ a dustless removal process, so the entire process isn’t as messy as you think. Imagine returning home from your vacation to a brand-new floor that gives your indoor décor a glittering look.

Still thinking if you should replace your old floor? There is no perfect time to do it’ but your home deserves a good feel always. Changing your old floor makes your décor comes to life and its pop out the aesthetic beauty of your home.

You need not worry about quality because we use environmentally friendly flooring solutions to ensure your home gets the best treatment it deserves.

During the floor removal process, we go the extra mile to ensure we remove all residues, moisture and dirt that accompanies the old floor. In the end, you will not see a particle of dirt in your home as a result of the floor removal. Our dustless removal technique is entirely safe for your health and environmentally friendly too.

Planning to change your floor soon? Call on the experts at beyond custom flooring for a no-cost inspection right away. Call us now,  904-891-2697

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