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Dustless Floor Removal

Our dustless floor removal system is up to date and guaranteed to make your home and workplace clean after the removal process. Heavy duty Hepa Filters placed in the appropriate locations will catch the dust and the tiny particles not seen by the human eye.

One Day Dustless Floor Removal

Our machines are state of the art, durable, and can work efficiently to give you same day service for most jobs. We render fast service, and we can remove all the floors in your home or business in a single day in most cases. Our service is incomparable to less competent floor removals that might take weeks to finish the job. Priced to fit your budget, fast to keep the job moving and pride in our workmanship make  the right choice for any flooring job.

Preparation That Will Save You Money

Our floor removal process prepares your floor correctly for new flooring no matter what it is made of. This ensures your new floor will be as even as possible, smoother because any adhesive no matter what, be it in the cement or on the underflooring will be removed using our machines and staff skill-set.

First Class Preparation

Our highly skilled professionals will prepare the area for our state-of-the-art machines. This means moving items or extra padding on items or areas that require delicate care and consideration. Preparing correctly from the start guarantees a flawless floor removal process without leaving a mess behind.

Preparing The Job Correctly the First Time!

This is important, with our service, you should expect a high-quality delivery on-time. There will be no loose ends that would waste your resources and prolong the entire process. We will advise you from the very start exactly how long the entire process will require.

Protecting Your Health

A remodeling project can make pounds of dust to settle in your home fast. Even after several months of completing the project, you can still find tiny dust particles in most parts of your home. That does not sound to bad except you are breathing in those dust particles every day and at night when you sleep. This is not beneficial to your health and if you already suffer from some kind of respiratory issues this can be a very serious problem.

Why Beyond Custom Flooring?

Unmatched Expertise: Leveraging years of industry experience to deliver exceptional results. 

Premium Materials: Sourcing the finest tiles, fixtures, and fittings for durability and elegance. 

Personalized Designs: From spa-inspired retreats to sleek, modern designs, we cater to all tastes. 


Why should you choose us and not someone else? For the last 15 plus years we have been delivering High-quality floor removal, floor installation, and room remodeling matched by no one else. We are the company that uses all the right equipment constantly upgrading when available, has employees with the right skill-set and technical expertise and takes personal pride in every job we complete. We know the kind of service that triggers your satisfaction, and we go all the way to get it done. We are different! We are the best and prove it everyday.

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