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Engineered Wood Installation

Engineered wood flooring is one of the versatile flooring options for homeowners and business owners. Unlike hardwood, it has a strong appeal in terms of cost without question looks magnificent as the flooring for your home or office.

Need The Best-Engineered Flooring?

Beyond Custom Flooring provides the best-engineered flooring installations with unique construction and a wood top layer. Wherever you want it to be installed, whether it’s in the living room or basement. We install engineered wood flooring to resist buckling and warping. Unlike solid wood flooring, this will prevent the expansion and contraction of the multi-layer boards when subjected to high temperature and humidity.

A typically engineered flooring comes with several choices of finishes. Beyond Custom Flooring installs engineered wood flooring in a clean and relatively quick manner while using professionals to handle all installation projects guaranteeing excellent service just as you expect from us. We stay true to our name, and when we say we are the leading engineered wood flooring service provider in Florida and Gerogia, we mean every word. Contact us for more information. We will give you a FREE estimate and answer all your questions about this and other types of flooring.

Best-Engineered Flooring

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