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Your Kitchen Needs A New Floor? Here Is The Solution


Remember the last time you had your kitchen flooring done. Its usefulness was awesome, and it beautified your home seamlessly. But now, the story isn’t the same as the floor has worn out and come of age. It now has dents, scratches, and other signs of damage that makes you feel uncomfortable each time a guest walks into the kitchen. Without mincing words, you know your floor is due for a change. Fortunately, you got plenty of options.

Out with the old and in with the new

You have made more than enough trips to the flooring store and finally have it pinned down to that beautiful laminate floor that looks more like wood than a wood floor looks. Excitement in the air and the thought of a new beautiful wood finished floor for your kitchen, you are ready for the install but wait? The new floor needs a flat level base to apply the new laminate. The man at the store told you the floor has to be prepared and ready for the new one to be installed. Now What?

The answer is, the leading company for old floor removal. This is fantastic but I am not ready for a big mess that I will have to clean up in preparation to install the new floor. It is never easy, BUT after looking at the website it reads, ‘DUSTLESS FLOOR REMOVAL”. Finally, things are going my way. After contacting Rip It Up flooring they came out and gave me a free estimate, much to my surprise the cost was definitely in my budget and they mentioned they also do new floor installs. That made it easy but when I found out their install charge was 30% less than the store, this turned out to be a good day.

Now I could again focus on the new floor type and end my worry about installation.

I am glad I chose a Laminate floor; they are durable and give your kitchen the rich look of wood

To many homeowners, hardwood floor is a turn off because it can quickly get wet by dishwashers and leaking pipes. If you share the same opinion, then consider using laminate flooring for your kitchen floor because it has the real look of wood. But if you rather have it look like natural stone; you will get served with it as some manufacturers make laminate look like natural stone too. The choice is yours. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a laminate floor for your kitchen.


  • Extremely strong, it can withstand heavy foot traffic and a small amount of moisture.
  • Increase the resale value of your home
  • Affordable and durable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longevity, they will last a long time if maintained properly.

Lastly if your budget is just a bit short for Laminate, then there is another consideration that gives you a similar look for less money Vinyl flooring. You might consider vinyl flooring because they come in planks and sheets, highly durable and easy to maintain. They can create the impenetrable sheet you need to protect your floor from moisture.

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