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Why Choose Porcelain Tiles For A Versatile Floor

Porcelain tile flooring is made of heavy clay and dense tile material like ceramic, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It’s highly resistant to chipping and cracking. More so, these tiles can be replaced easily without problems.

Porcelain tile: A low maintenance flooring option

Do you desire a low maintenance flooring, perhaps you want something you can easily clean after a pool party? Porcelain tiles is your best option. A quick clean with a damp cloth or a simple swipe with a mop is all you need to maintain this tile. Although porcelain tile is more expensive due to its weight and durability, it\’s a perfect choice for any home. And the installation process is a bit more tedious than other types of flooring options.

Porcelain tile is fast becoming a top choice for bathroom floors due to its porous, harder, and denser nature. It offers great water and stain resistance than ceramic tile. Also, it’s best for radiant in-floor heat, when you need to keep water warm under your foot during the winter season. When it comes to design options, it offers great versatility, similar to limestone and granite.

Types of porcelain tiles

    • Through bodied

This type is ideal for massive and residential floor tile installation. It has a glaze that cannot easily wear off. It’s durable and extremely strong. Perfect for residential homes with pets because they are highly resistant to scratches.

    • Glazed

The glazed porcelain tile is a typically colored tile that is covered in a hard finish or layer. You can find a variety of colors and designs. Extremely strong and durable.

    • Unglazed

This tile is extremely tough and dense. They are perfect for heavy traffic areas such as hallways, staircase, and malls. You should expect them to retain their original color after much use. They are readily available in various finishes and made as an imitation of natural stone. Porcelain tile can be the perfect choice for homeowners and commercial property owners looking for a mix of durability, comfort, and style. For the DIY people please keep in mind, it’s fairly difficult to install as such tasks are best left to professionals. However, if you desire this flooring for your home or business, you may contact us for the best dustless floor removal and installation service. Our professionals will rip up your existing floor and install porcelain tiles without stress. When it comes to choosing the right floors for you home, office or exterior, Beyond Custom Flooring is the best choice for great customer service, exceptional work and pricing that fits your budget. Ask for the best, Beyond Custom Flooring.

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