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Best Flooring For High Traffic Areas

What is the best Flooring For High Traffic Areas?

It’s normal to explore a variety of options for flooring in a home. But when it comes to high-traffic areas, you have to decide what goes in and what should stay out carefully.

Whether in your home or commercial property, not all floors work best for high-traffic areas. This is because such places are prone to a large volume of foot traffic daily that may tell on the floor and make it wear out quickly.

Flooring costs a lot of money. So it would help if you opted for the best. And if your floor is prone to high traffic, it’s not out of place to do research and find out the floor type that will work best and give you great value for your money. So here is our advice on the kind of floor you should choose for high traffic areas from Beyond Custom Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring

The laminate floor is made for anything harsh and could resist wear and tear for a long time. In addition, the most performing laminate products are praised for fighting foot traffic, blurring out stains, and sunlight effects.

Laminate flooring has almost the exact resemblance to stone, wood, and tile. But once it is worn out, you have no other choice than to replace its top layer as it cannot be sanded like wood.

  • Porcelain tile

Here is another flooring type that is perfect for high-traffic areas. The porcelain tile does a beautiful job in resisting foot traffic, wear, stains and dents. However, installing porcelain tile is usually not a DIY affair due to the challenges. That is why it is best to hire a professional that will guarantee a perfect job.

  • Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is also great at resisting foot traffic, wear, dents and stains. So it is an excellent choice for high traffic areas too. Its resistance level is superb, and it also touches on colors. Also, unlike porcelain tile, it is relatively easier to install.

What do you do when your floor suddenly becomes prone to high traffic and begin to suffer dents, stains, and wear? Call on the experts at Beyond Custom Flooring to help you remove your existing floor and replace it with the perfect one that has excellent resistance to foot traffic.

This is the time Beyond Custom Flooring comes in best. Bottom line, we are the experts on the flooring of any kind. So let us know your needs and expectations and let one of our experts show you what type of flooring you will want to review. We have been serving the citizens here in Florida and surrounding states for many years.

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