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Tips To Protect Basement Flooring From Moisture | Beyond Custom Flooring

Beyond Custom Flooring has some Tips for Protecting Your Basement Flooring Against Moisture

You might want to ask, why basement? Why not the living room or bedroom? Well, it might come as a surprise that so many people love to use their basement for several reasons. You can use your basement as an extra bedroom, a relaxation spot and even a place to entertain specific guests.

But if you must do these in the basement, it needs to be safe to occupy. If you haven’t thought of the possibility of moisture building up in your basement flooring, you might be putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk.

The truth is that bacteria and mold could grow easily beneath your flooring and this is easier if the floor is prone to dampness. Your basement is the easiest place these molds can grow easily because it may be used less frequently when compared to other parts of your home.

More so, your basement’s location is often enough reason to trigger the buildup of molds and other bacteria. Unvented washers and dryers, ground and rain water can easily find their way underneath your basement flooring. Here are some of the causes of moisture buildup in basement flooring.

  • Decayed or rotten wood
  • Mold or mildew
  • Stagnant water on the floor
  • Humid or damp air
  • Foul odor

If you discover any of these in your basement, you are not without help. There are measures you can take to eradicate it completely.

The best ways to protect basement flooring from moisture

Depending on the extent of the moisture, you may want to consider replacing your basement’s flooring entirely. However, choosing a flooring that is impervious to water is a significant step to take if you want to prevent moisture buildup on your flooring,

You can also install a motion barrier between the flooring and concrete. Again, this depends on the extent of the moisture damage. There are various varieties of motion barrier such as adhesive moisture inhibitor, roll down plastic sheets and felt sheets.

It’s essential to know that the type of moisture barrier you choose is dependent on the type of flooring you choose to install afterwards.

  • Seek the opinion of an expert, Mold and other toxins can cause serious health issues.

At Beyond Custom Flooring we deal with issues like these almost on a daily basis, our experts will give you the best options to enable you address the moisture in your basement. And if you need to replace your existing floor, we can help you Rip It Up and install a new one.

The best part is that you will have access to a dustless floor removal and free consultation when you hire us for your floor removal needs, including your basement flooring.

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