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Tips For Cleaning Your Home And Removing The Old Floor

Tips For Cleaning Your Home And Removing The Old Floor

During the past holiday season, most of us stayed home, but you must have entertained some guests, organized a small feast and kids’ parties; most that left your home in a chaotic situation. No doubt, your house needs some clean up after the holiday season. How do you restore your home’s glamour into its perfect look like it was before the holidays?
Complete home cleaning can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to clean your home correctly, lawn, landscape, clearing the bin, and most importantly, putting your kitchen in good shape once again. The holiday may have left its mark on your home, but we understand, most won’t leave it in such a state. Will you? Here are some tips for cleaning & how to restore your home to normal.

  • Stainless steel appliances

Are there fingerprints and stains on your stainless-steel trays, appliances, and household items? Apply a few drops of water on a clean towel and wipe these surfaces thoroughly; most of the stains wiped off. If there are stubborn stains that won’t go away, don’t panic. Continue to clean the spot regularly. You will barely notice when it will become spotless once again.

  • Floor and wood surfaces

Hardwood floors are easily prone to scratches and dents, especially if you installed them years past. If there are scuff marks on the floor and any other wood surface, you can do your very best and try to apply non-gel toothpaste on a clean, dry towel and then use it to wipe the surface clean.

Before the most recent high-quality upgrades to the wood used today, deep scratches on wooden floors will become your friend forever and ever. It no longer must be that way. For all kinds of flooring, the experts at beyondcustomflooring will assist you by suggesting the right floor for your needs and install it quickly and painlessly (easy on the wallet). The real Christmas Present you wanted was a new floor to bring that exciting new look to your home once again.

We are sailing into the new year; is this the year you start with a beautiful new look to your home or office? has it all. Not only a vast selection from flooring manufactures but excellent remodeling services to magically make your rooms, kitchen, and bathroom look incredible. From floor to ceiling, they can make any room look as beautiful as you want and at a price that makes sense. And when we say they do everything, we mean everything? Need the old floor gone before installing the new one? Check out their other company, “Rip it Up Flooring,” offering dustless floor removal, They own some of the best equipment to remove the old floor and do it for you fast, easy and Dustless. The owners were forward thinkers; what does a home or business owner need when adding new flooring? Make it simple, dustless, and a price that makes sense for all of it. the leaders in home and office flooring and remodeling, and they are just a phone call away 904-891-2697

Carpets and Furniture

Your guest or the kids may have spilled some wine or beverage on the floor or couch. That one spot could affect the glamorous look of your furniture. But there is a simple way to remove it without any sweat. Mix one part detergent and one part peroxide in a spray bottle. Spray unto the stain gently. Avoid contact with the eyes. After that, rub gently with a clean cloth; wait a few minutes; most stains will disappear.

  • Stains on the wall

Are there soot stains from a candle on the wall? You can easily wipe them off with denatured alcohol. The alcohol cannot damage the paint but will remove the stains effortlessly.
You can hire cleaning services near you to clean your home once and for all time if you can’t find the time to do it yourself. But if you think your home needs a fresh breath and look this New Year, you should consider repainting the walls, replacing your floor. Floor replacement is an excellent idea if the floor is already old and going out of trend.

One call to our expert service department, we will help you rip out your old floor, using our top of the line dustless removal process before installing a new one, prep the paint, and order the new flooring you always wanted. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT…. And do it. 904-891-2697

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