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Best Home & Business Flooring For Walkers And Wheelchairs

WHAT IS BEST HOME & BUSINESS FLOORING OPTIONS FOR WALKERS AND WHEELCHAIRS has been removing and installing home and business flooring for 15+ years, that’s why they are the number one flooring company in Florida. It makes sense when we say, with their history and experience comes knowledge, this is why they offer the best solutions. Beyond Custom Flooring always looks at ways to help individuals and families in Florida and across the country make wise decision when considering flooring especially for special needs individuals.

Do you, your loved one, or an office worker use a walker or wheelchair to move  around in the home or office? When choosing the perfect floor type for your home of office, it’s only natural to desire a slip-resistant floor that will not affect your balance. Many buyers experience it’s not easy to find a disability-friendly floor

Beyond Custom Flooring are dependable, experienced and the leading providers for flooring installs and removal, they are the floor experts. Check out the link above and see for yourself some of the exceptional work they have completed.

Most important they will take the time to advise you on the best flooring options for individuals using a wheelchair or walker that will enable them and everyone to move around the home and office with ease and comfort.

When searching for a disability friendly floor type, you must pick a floor that:

  • Requires low maintenance
  • Slip resistance
  • Not highly polished
  • Enables smooth transition to other parts of the home or office
  • Durable to a walker or wheelchair use (the wear is much more than standard walking)
  • Flat and level


Hardwood floors are a low maintenance floor type and is a disability-friendly flooring. But they can quickly show signs of wear and tear after some time from wheelchair/walker use. Therefore, we recommend you choose a Matt finish to create an additional layer of floor rigidity. Also, avoid placing rugs over hardwood or any flooring as it may cause a fall and prevents easy maneuverability for the disabled.


Vinyl flooring provides a smooth surface that makes it easy for anyone with a disability to move around in the home or office. More so, it’s highly resistant to stains, durable, and not as slippery as polished hardwood floors.


When choosing the best floor tile for kitchen, break room and bathroom floors, it’s best to use slip-resistant flooring that provides some amount of friction for those with mobility problems.

The flooring experts at Beyond Custom Flooring will help you pick the best disability-friendly flooring that is highly durable, fashionable, and cost-effective too. To make the entire process easier for our customers, we have added our professional “Dustless” Floor Removal Service (Rip it  Up Flooring) to our menu of services making the entire removal and installation process seamless, while saving you money and time.

Get in touch with us, we are your one stop location for all your flooring needs. Experienced, dependable, and the leading flooring removal and installation company available. Call us 904 – 891-2697 for a free estimate or email us here to get a FREE quote. The experts are as close as  your phone!

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