Beyond Custom Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

No, unless you have made plans to replace your baseboard. If not, we will remove the flooring up to the baseboard.

Yes, your shoe mold has to be removed for your new floor to be installed.

No, our process protects your cabinet completely. We have tools that will remove the flooring up to the bottom of your cabinet, so it is safe.

We have the right tools, and that ensure our floor removal process is 99% dustless. With our full dust control system, that can collect as much as 1 pound of dust per sq. Ft. It is indeed, virtually dustless.

Dust is dangerous to human health. The harmful component in dust is crystalline silica, a substance found in stone and all flooring products derived from stone and sand and this include tiles, concrete and glass.

We will gather the waste and put all of them inside a waste container.

This depends on the project and the length of your floors. Please contact us if you have any more questions about our floor removal process. Remember we offer a FREE ESTIMATE.