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How long does a flooring installation take?

How long does a flooring installation take?

Has your floor been squeaking at you of late? Well, that’s its way of hinting that perhaps it’s time for a change, a revamp, a remodel.

And thanks to Beyond Custom Flooring, taking that step is easy, convenient, and cost-effective.

There are several reasons why people go in for a floor change. They can vary from a squeak, which is a sign of an aging floor, or a leak that has caused lasting damage. It could be because of wear and tear, evident as deep scratches and cracks. Or maybe the floor’s just a bore and you want a change.

So, whatever the reasons, let’s say you are thinking of installing a new floor. Now, comes the question, how long does a flooring installation take? Let’s take it one flooring type at a time:

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is made from compressed layers of real wood. Engineered hardwood flooring is a favorite because it is durable, long-lasting, and does not cost much to install.

With engineered wood hardwood floors – as with all floors – it depends on the size of the project. But on average, you are looking at a week to ten days to install the floors.

Crucial steps for flooring installation

The first week of engineered wood flooring installation involves ripping out the old flooring, checking the subflooring, vacuuming it, repairing it if necessary, and getting started on acclimation (the process of adjusting the moisture content of the floor to match its environment). It involves opening up boxes of wood and exposing them to the air and humidity in the room. Acclimation takes about 72 hours with engineered wood.

Why acclimation crucial

This is crucial because if not done then the wood may be drier (the floor will absorb moisture from the subfloor and planks will bulge) or wetter (the floor will lose moisture and dry out, causing planks to shrink). Also, once installed, do not walk on it for 48 hours.

Why you need to bring in trusted professionals

Installing this flooring type is tricky because most engineered hardwood flooring is pre-finished, which leaves little room for error. That’s why it is best done by calling in trusted professionals.

Tile floor installation

Tiles usually take about one to three days to install depending on the number of square feet you are covering as well as the professional service you are using (you can always contact an expert at Beyond Custom Flooring for advice).

Three steps to tile flooring installation

Here, the process involves three steps – prepping, setting, and curing.

First, the surface is made clean, flat, and ready for installation.

The next step involves setting the tile with mortar.

Then comes curing. While the process takes 20 minutes. Here, maintaining humidity is essential, so the floor is sometimes wrapped in plastic sheeting.

The final step is patience – the tiles must not be walked on for 24 hours to allow them to be set fully.

Stone flooring installation

This type of flooring is cut directly from blocks of stone. Natural stone comes from mountain minerals such as granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone, but you also have artificial stone products in the market.

Why clients love stone floors

Stone floors are generally the most durable and work well indoors and outdoors (some of our clients connect both spaces with stone to give the illusion of more space.

Stone floors are also preferred by those living in warmer climes as they stay naturally cool plus they keep dust and allergens at bay. Stone floors though are more expensive.

Precision is key

When it comes to laying a stone floor, you would need to call in a professional as it is labor-intensive and requires precision. Give us a call to get an estimate of the cost and time.

Steps involved in stone flooring installation

The first step with stone flooring is to remove the old flooring, then prep the subfloor to make it even in case it is not. Next comes laying the stone tile and then finally getting the grout in place to set the stone. It takes about three days to get this flooring type installed.

Here, too, like with tiles, you will have to wait it out before you can walk on the floor. Around 48 hours is the recommended time to allow the floor to be set.

Laminate flooring installation

This type of flooring, like your engineered wood floor, requires at least two days for acclimation. So, ensure that the cartons containing the laminate are opened out to accustom themselves to their environment. Doors and windows must remain closed during this period.

Installation is fast

Post-acclimation, the installation is pretty quick. A 200 square foot room would take about three hours, 1,000 sqft in a couple of days.

Vinyl flooring installation

Another popular choice of flooring because of its durability and easy installation, vinyl floors can be installed quickly by professionals. But get a trusted professional on hand for this because these floors cannot be repaired.

Vinyl flooring installation begins with the acclimation process of a couple of days.

What makes vinyl flooring installation so quick?

Vinyl flooring installation requires virtually no bonding to the subfloor and since it snaps together edge-to-edge it makes it one of the faster types of floors to install. A moderate-sized room can be finished in a few hours. Just ensure that before the installation cracks or divots on the subfloor are filled out and there are no depressions.

Flexible flooring type

Vinyl flooring installation is petty flexible and can be made to fit around door frames and wall protrusions, but again, remember there are no do-overs so get in touch with the right professionals to get it done.

If you are looking for a flooring installation solution, give us a call. The experts at Beyond Custom Flooring can help you lock in on the perfect floor for your space. Customers use our services because of our commitment to precision, finish, and quality.

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